PI Videoconference for CILC Tandberg Connections: 5 January 2010
January 5th, 2010 by Wesley Fryer

I shared an hour-long videoconference today for the Tandberg Connections program and the CILC, discussing the “Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning” framework. In addition to our H.323 videoconference, which was bridged to endsites in Arkansas, Virginia and Texas, I shared the presentation over Ustream and recorded it.

I used a slightly modified version of the same slide deck I shared in October 2009 in Maine at ACTEM, which is available on SlideShare.

Resources I mentioned during today’s videoconference which are NOT linked or referenced in the Slideshare presentation are:

  1. Today’s Wall Street Journal video, “Apple’s Tablet, as Imagined by Book Publishers
  2. My Spring 2009 Technology for Teachers (T4T) curriculum, based on “Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning”
  3. The Skype in Schools wiki
  4. Lee LeFever’s video, “Google Docs in Plain English
  5. One of my favorite online timers (I also really like this one, but didn’t use it today)
  6. My social bookmarks on Diigo

One thing I did NOT do, but wish I had done during our session today, was share part of Rachel Boyd‘s presentation for K12Online09 last year, “A Peek for a Week – Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom.” Rachel does such a great job using a wiki as a classroom learning portal— I wish I’d remembered to share her explanation of that!

If you have any feedback from this session, whether you were able to attend live or view the archived video, I’d love to hear it.

We don’t have a firm deadline at this point, but I’d love to have the “Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning” book ready to print by the end of this Spring. My first T4T class meeting is in eight days on January 13th, so that deadline is spurring lots of work right now on this writing project! I’m considering sharing my class lectures like this over Ustream. I used CamTwist today to share my computer desktop over Ustream. Using both my Tandberg videoconferencing unit as well as Ustream for the same presentation was a bit distracting, but I wanted to test this setup and see how it worked.

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3 Responses  
  • rob ackerman writes:
    February 9th, 20102:38 pmat

    I like the google doc walkthrough, which I have played around with a bit. How come you didn’t set it up as all mc for admin instead of having empty boxes for short answer? Just curious.

    Rob Ackerman
    Bedford, MA

  • Aaron J Bates writes:
    March 15th, 20103:13 pmat

    Hey I noticed you used a tandberg and ustream. How did you get them to work together?

  • Wesley Fryer writes:
    March 26th, 20105:35 amat

    Hi Aaron! I used the same laptop to share content via the Tandberg unit that I used to broadcast via Ustream. Camtwist allows for Mac screensharing. I have more info about some of the same software/hardware I used for this on the post, “Week 2 Lecturecasting with Ustream, and MPEGstreamclip.” That’s a post about lecturecasting, but most of the Ustream info in the post applies here as well.

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